Artist Statement

"Where the words end, I get inspiration ..."

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, where I live and create to this day. I grew up in established Jerusalemite neighborhoods, and already in my youth I breathed in the authentic Yerushalmi air the blows through the ancient stone alleyways.

I used to stroll down to my grandmother and look for old houses along the way, courtyards with broken floor tiles that to me, only added immense beauty. I photographed delightful nooks I discovered; I especially loved the wild weeds and hyssop that took root in abandoned spots.

My love for art and for the Land of Israel, which I have never left, served as the source of my paintings inspiration.

I took numerous trips around the country, gazing deeply at the sights that caught my eyes. I looked heavenward and felt hypnotized by sunrise and sunset, spellbound with the hundreds of shifting shades and trying to recapture the transition for light to dark in all its phases. The different clouds, the breathtaking sceneries surrounding me, the crashing of the waves, and the variety of plants – those always pulled at my heart and aroused in me a desire to translate it into creativity. I wanted to bring out the right color, the right hue, and apply the right kind of blurring.

Sometimes I photographed the sights with my camera and sometimes with my mind’s eye, and then returned home to express my impressions on canvas.
Realism appeals most to me, with its capacity to sweep the viewer beyond time and place. In my paintings I draw the viewer into a bustling reality by means of narrative painting or snapshot; by painting interesting, cozy corners – for serenity and calm, and in others, such as breathtaking views – for inspiration and satisfaction.
I therefore connect mostly to the classic medium of oil on canvas, which affords me the ability to reach the highest level of precision and detail that provide the sense of authenticity for which I strive.

Oil paints and layers also constitute excellent media in their ability to provide confidence alongside striving for more, improving, adding, upgrading.
Therefore this is the same technique which I’ve taught my students for thirty years, with all these points coming through in the course of teaching – the students attain the confidence and calm necessary for success, because it’s always possible to fix (unlike with other medias), to add a layer, to conceal what didn’t work, etc., and beyond that – an advantage that only oil paints provide – the characteristic of the paint that requires significant time for drying, which grants us time to experiment, to improve, to learn new techniques, to blur or sharpen details and achieve a perfect finish.

I recently became exposed to more modern artists, under their inspiration I have begun to dabble in the semi-abstract, and instead of trying to draw the viewer directly in, I give him a challenge, an unsolved picture, to allow him to wander inside it freely and give imagination a place.

In fact, as of late I have integrated abstract elements into my most recent works: playful, less precise, and less cluttered by small details. My painting is more colorful, with large quantities of paint and with many kinds of application.

My plan for the future is that alongside the realistic painting which I have not neglected, is to progress in my abstract work and challenge viewers to reach beneath the visible layers and depths of the painting.