Sarah Weitzman, born 1967, is a Jerusalem artist.

She was born and raised in Jerusalem, where she keeps creating. Even as a child she always loved the world around her: nature, her community, the Jerusalem air… she soaked it all up and continue to put that inspiration to canvas.

She has been privileged to learn from masters and she received their tradition of oil on canvas. She has been working with this modality for over 30 years and have been teaching individuals and adults as old as 100!

Her art has primarily embodied a naturalistic motif, and recently she has begun exploring more abstract concepts too.

She has been sharing her art with galleries and art lovers around the world since 2015 and has been showcased at several prominent exhibitions.


Solo exhibitions:

  • November 2017: “My country and my homeland “, Beck Science Center, har hotzvim Jeruzalem.
    Curator: Michal Sadan
  • June 2017: Ramat Aviv Mall Gallery.
    Curator: Ayelet Amorai-Biran
  • December 2016: “Sparks of a Nation” at the W Tower, Tel Aviv
    Curator: Lori Pashnitza

Group exhibitions:

  • March 2019: “Espacio” Gallery, London
    Curator: Rami Azaam
  • August 2017: “Religious and society” at the Artists’ Haven Gallery, Jerusalem
    Curator: Noa Leah cohen
  • May 2017: The Artists’ Haven Gallery, Jerusalem
    Curator: Noa Leah Cohen
  • April 2016: “Ashreinu” at Heichal Shlomo, Jerusalem
    Curator: Ehud Dar
  • December 2015: At the One Design Center, Rishon LeTzion
    Curator: Roni Oz.
  • February 2015: “On the Pond” in Ranaana
    Curator: Roni Oz.